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Permits for Owning a Domestic Skunk


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission considers domestic skunks to be wildlife, and therefore regulates them as such. You must have a Class III Wildlife Permit to own or keep a skunk in Florida. This means that even if you keep a skunk for a friend, offer a skunk a temporary home, or have one in your possession for any reason, you must have a permit in Florida.

If you will never take your skunk out in public view, with the exception of Vet visits, you will only need the Class III Personal Permit, which is free. If you will be taking your skunk out where the public can see it at anytime, you must have the Class III Permit for Exhibition or Sale. In either case, you must fill out the proper Application and Questionnaire which can be found on the FFWCC website. The processing usually takes about four weeks. You must have the permit in your possession before obtaining a skunk, and the permit must be in your possession anywhere you take the skunk.

You will also need to keep a record of where you got the skunk and the permit number of the person you got it from. Ask for a receipt.

You may access the FFWCC  Permit page, by going to , click on the Class III permit link.

Feel free to contact us if you need more information, or help obtaining your permit.