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Skunks may be given up for adoption for many reasons. Some were bought on impulse,
and just don't
fit into the owners lifestyle.

Others are offered because an owner must move to a state that does not allow skunks kept as pets. Some, sadly, have been neglected or abused. Whatever the reason, we just want what is best for the skunk.

When you adopt a rescue you must understand, this is a commitment. You must be prepared to provide a FOREVER home. All skunks do not act the same, and you must be prepared to face some challenges. We try very hard to place each skunk in the right setting for it's personality. Most rescues adapt quickly, and become very loving pets.

We do not believe in caging a skunk other than for transporting. Caged skunks become angry and spiteful. Our skunks live in our houses and sleep in our beds.

We feel that, if at all possible, Florida skunks should stay in Florida. We are happy to help those outside
Florida find rescue and adoption help, but we do not ship skunks out of Florida. To do so requires special permits, which we do not have.

To adopt a pet skunk in Florida, you must first have a Class III Wildlife Permit. You will find a link
for that purpose on our Permit Page. The private permit is free, but if you want to take your skunk out in public, you will need a Class III permit for Exhibition and Sale. It costs $50 per year, and is also linked on our Permit Page. The permitting process can take several weeks. Please understand that we cannot release a skunk to anyone without the proper permit.

If a skunk is in a situation where an immediate placement is needed, we will place it with a current
permit holder.

Before considering a skunk as a pet, please do your homework. There are some wonderful sites listed on our
Internet Links page, and others that you can Google for information. Skunks are not the right pet for everyone, but if you find that a skunk is the right pet for you, please fill out and submit the application on this website.

Florida Skunk Rescue charges a small fee for Adoption, however that does not mean there is no other
financial obligation for skunk ownership. Skunks are considered Exotic Pets by most Vets, and usually cost more to treat than dogs or cats. Some will need Spaying or Neutering. Others may have treatable health problems. Many Vets will not even see a skunk, and some who do, do not know enough about them to treat them safely.

Please research Vets in your area before you apply. Please do not consider adopting a skunk
if you do not have sufficient financial resources to provide Vet care.

Skunks are not always placed in the order that applications are received, rather we try to place skunks in the most suitable homes.

One thing is certain. If you decide to love a skunk, your life will never be the same. Get ready for an adventure.
As we like to say;
  "Skunks are like potato chips. You can't have just one!"