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Ways to Donate

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR SUPPORTING OUR ORGANIZATION. The Florida Skunk Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity recognized by the IRS and Florida Department of Agriculture. Our mission is to rescue domestic skunks, foster them, and find new homes for them. We also do public education in the form of adoption events, schools, nursing homes, and kids camps for the Humane Society.  


A copy of our Official Registration and Financial Information may be obtained from the Florida Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free 800-435-7352 within the State. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the State. Registration CH3548.

To donate by sending a check, please make the check payable to "Florida Skunk Rescue" and mail to:

12225 Litewood Dr, Hudson FL 34669-3715

To make a donation via credit/debit card or PayPal, click the "Donate" button.

To make a donation via Venmo:

To make a donation via Cashapp:

To make a donation via Zelle:

Have Questions About Donating?  Please contact us at 727-809-0975 or

EXPENSES: As with any non-profit rescue expenses are enormous!! As of June 2023 we have had several large vet bills totalling over $8000 for injuries such as a leg amputation, several opened spay incisions, and multiple unexpected emergency vet visits.  Besides the these unusual emergencies, we have the normal expenses of feeding, vaccinating, spaying/neutering, and worming the rescue skunks plus have to purchase supplies like paper towels, disinfecting solutions, etc. 

By donating you will be making a life saving impact on a skunk. Any consideration in donating to the skunks in need is greatly appreciated. 


Vegetables/fruit -  (cauliflower, broccoli, green or red cabbage, sugar snap peas, zucchini, blueberries)

Paper Towels

Chlorox Bleach Wipes                                                                                   

Dog Wee Wee Pads (Standard size, quilted)

Calcium Powder (Zoo Med) (Available on Amazon)                 

Rescue RTU One Step Cleaner and Deodorizer  (Amazon)

Freeze-Dried Meal Worms  (Amazon/Tractor Supply/Rural King)

Panacur horse paste dewormer (10% Fenbendazole paste) (comes in a tube) (Horse supply stores, Tractor Supply, Amazon, Rural King)

Strongid horse paste dewormer (Pyrantel pamoate) (comes in a tube) (Horse supply stores, Tractor Supply, Amazon, Rural King)

Glycoflex 3 Hip & Joint Support for Dogs (Pet stores or amazon)

Vetricyn Plus All Wound and Skin Care (Amazon or Tractor Supply)

Taurine Powder (Either Nature's Life or Bulk Supplements - both are available on Amazon)

Chlorhexidine 2% for Horses and Dogs (Amazon/Tractor Supply)

Spirulina Tablets (Sunlit Best ) (Amazon)

Baby Blankets - soft fuzzy ones

Cat cave beds or cubes (Any kind appreciated, Five Below has them for $5)

Cat litter boxes for corners

Whisper Pet Non-Toxic Odor Eliminator (Amazon or direct from company at

Pet Taxi's with front and top opening

Cold laser Machine 

You can also show your support by purchasing a Florida Skunk Rescue T-Shirt or other merchandise from one of the following websites: 


With a purchase from either company,  all proceeds from the sale go directly to the Rescue. 

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